If you need a certain printer, copier, or multifunction then this may help you save some money. 

I wanted to buy an HP M1536dnf as a test machine. I didn't need it right away. Each week we post the machines that are on sale at our local Staples & Office Depot. So what I did was check the search function on this website. http://www.quinnsrapidrecharger.com That showed me the frequency that the machine goes or went on sale.  In addition, Staples usually posts next week's ads some time Thursday. Office Depot posts their ads on Friday. So if you need a machine and can wait, first wait until Friday. Check this website or go to the Staples & Office Depot ads to see if your machine is on sale this or next week. Then check Amazon or some other site. If it still isn't on sale, consider the history of frequency that it was on sale and decide if you can wait longer.

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