Compatible Samsung CartridgeOverview of Compatible Samsung Cartridges Including

  • Cartridge Name
  • Compatible Cartridge Price
  • Machines that cartridge fits

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Prices can change without notice. Prices listed are not guaranteed. Call ahead to verify price and availability.


Cartridge Price   Fits Machines
Samsung ML-1210 $44.99   ML-1010, ML-1020, ML-1210, ML-1220,
ML-1250, ML-1430, ML-4500, ML-4600
Samsung ML-1440 $89.99   ML-1440, ML-1450, ML-1451, ML-1650, ML-1651, ML-6040, ML-6060, ML-6060N, ML-6060S
Samsung ML-1610 $54.99   ML-1610
Samsung ML-1630 $54.99   ML-1630, ML-160W, SCX-4500, SCX-4500W
Samsung ML-1640 $49.99   ML-1640, ML-2240, ML-2241
Samsung ML-1650 $89.99   ML-1650, ML-1651N
Samsung ML-1710 $54.99   ML-1510, ML-1520, ML-1710, ML-1740,
ML-1750, ML-1755
Samsung ML-2010 $54.99   ML-2010, ML-2010D3, ML-2510, ML-2570, ML-2571N
Samsung ML-2150 $99.99   ML-2150, ML-2151N, ML-2152W
Samsung ML-2210 $54.99   ML-2210
Samsung ML-2250 $74.99   ML-2250, ML-2251N, ML-2252W
Samsung ML-2550 $99.99   ML-2550, ML-2551N, ML-2552W
Samsung ML-D2850B HY $59.99   ML-2850, ML-2851, ML-2851ND
Samsung ML-D3050B HY $84.99   ML-3050, ML-3051N, ML-3051ND
Samsung ML-D3470A $79.99   ML-3470ND, ML-3471, ML-3471ND
Samsung ML-4500 $54.99   ML-4500, ML-4600
Samsung ML-D4550A $124.99   ML-4050, ML-4050N, ML-4050ND, ML-4550, ML-4550R, ML-4551, ML-4551N, ML-4551ND, ML-4551NDR, ML-4551NR
Samsung MLT-D101S $44.99   ML-2160, ML-2165, ML-2165W, 
SCX-3400, SCX-3400F, SCX-3400FW, SCX-3405, SCX-3405F, SCX-3405FW, SCX-3405W, SF-760P
Samsung MLT-D103L $49.99   ML-2950ND, ML-2950NDR, ML-2951D, ML-2955DW, ML-2955ND
SCX-4701ND, SCX-4705ND, SCX-4726FD, SCX-4727FD, SCX-4728FD, SCX-4729FD, SCX-4729FW
Samsung MLT-D104S $49.99   ML-1655, ML-1660, ML-1661, ML-1665, ML-1666, ML-1670, ML-1675, ML-1860, ML-1861, ML-1864, ML-1865, ML-1865W,
SCX-3200, SCX-3201, SCX-3205, SCX-3205W, SCX-3206, SCX-3210, SCX-3217, SCX-3218
Samsung MLT-D105L $49.99   ML-2525, ML-2525W, SCX-4600, SCX-4623F, SCX-4623FW, SF-650, SF-650P
Samsung MLT-D108S $54.99   ML-1640, ML-2240
Samsung MLT-D109S $49.99   SCX-4300
Samsung MLT-D115L $59.99   SL-M2830DW, SL-M2880FW, Xpress M2620, Xpress M2670, Xpress M2820, Xpress M2870
Samsung MLT-D116L
Samsung MLT-R116 Drum
Not Avail
  Xpress M2625, Xpress M2625D, Xpress M2626, Xpress M2825DW, Xpress M2825ND, Xpress M2826
Xpress M2675, Xpress M2675F, Xpress M2675FN, Xpress M2676, Xpress M2875, Xpress M2875FD, Xpress M2875FW, Xpress M2876
Samsung MLT-D118L  118L Not Avail   M3065FW, ML-1665, ML1865W, Xpress M3015DW
Samsung MLT-D203L $79.99   ProXpress M3320ND, ProXpress M3820DW, ProXpress M4020ND
ProXpress M3370FD, ProXpress M3870FW, ProXpress M4070FR, SL-M3870FW
Samsung MLT-D205L  High Yield $59.99   ML-3310, ML-3310D, ML-3310ND, ML-3312ND, ML-3710, ML-3710D, ML-3710DW, ML-3710ND, ML-3712DW, ML-3712ND,
SCX-4833, SCX-4833FD, SCX-4833FR, SCX-4835FR, SCX-5637, SCX-5637FR, SCX-5639FR, SCX-5737FW, SCX-5739FW
Samsung MLT-D206L $59.99   SCX-5935FN
Samsung MLT-D208L $69.99   SCX-5635FN, SCX-5835FN
Samsung MLT-D209L $69.99   ML-2855ND, SCX-4824FN, SCX-4826FN, SCX-4828FN
Samsung MLT-D305L $54.99   ML-1910, ML-1915, ML-2525, ML-2525W, ML-2540, ML-2545, ML-2580N
SCX-4600, SCX-4623F, SCX-4623FN, SCX-4623FW, SF-650, SF-650P
Samsung MLT-D307L $99.99   ML-4512ND, ML-5012ND, ML-5017ND
Samsung MLT-D309L $149.99   ML-5510N, ML-5510ND, ML-5512ND, ML-6510ND, ML-6512ND
Samsung SCX-4016 $64.99   SCX-4016, SCX-4116, SCX-4216,
SF-560, SF-565
Samsung SCX-4100 $54.99   SCX-4100
Samsung SCX-4200 $69.99   SCX-4200
Samsung SCX-4216 $69.99   SCX-4016, SCX-4116, SCX-4216F, SF-560, SF-565P, SF-750, SF-755P
Samsung SCX-4250 $74.99   SCX-4250, SCX-4720, SCX-4750F
Samsung SCX-4521 $54.99   SCX-4521F, SCX-4321
Samsung SCX-4725 $69.99   SCX-4725
Samsung SF-5100 $54.99   SF-5100, SF-5100P, SF-515, SF-530,
SF-531, SF-531P, SF-535E
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