Compatible Toner Cartridges For HP Color LaserJet 2700, 2700n, 3000, 3000dn, 3000dtn, 3000n

Cartridge: Q7560A Black, Q7561A Cyan, Q7562A Yellow, Q7563A Magenta

This is a Compatible Toner Cartridge For 

HP Color Laser Printers    Color LaserJet 2700, Color LaserJet 2700n, Color LaserJet 3000, Color LaserJet 3000dn, Color LaserJet 3000dtn, Color LaserJet 3000n

Rated Cartridge Yield: 6500 Pages Black at 5 Percent coverage

Rated Cartridge Yield: 3500 Pages Color at 5 Percent coverage

Price:$99.99 Black, $99.99 Color

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Delivery is free in SD County. There are no minimums.


While we take the greatest care in building our cartridges, we warranty our cartridges for the life of our cartridge. We have a recurring product and we want to keep our customers happy.

For information or to place an order contact Quinn's Rapid Recharger at 760-724-0157 888-398-2748 or email us 

Pricing and availability not guaranteed until verified. Connect with Stan at Google+

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