What printer should I buy? Often it depends on how much you print.

I’m going to look at two HP multifunction machines.

The HP M127fn and the HP M426fdw. For consumables and printer cost I will use the Staples website and compatible cartridges from Quinn’s Rapid Recharger.

HP M127fn $209.99  on sale this week for $179.99
Standard yield toner 283A is $63.99 with rated page yield of 1500 pages.
High yield toner 283X will not fit in the M127fn
Standard Yield HP Toner cost per page ($63.99/1500) = $0.043 per page
QRR cost per page ($49.99/1500) = $0.030 per page

HP M426fdw $449.99 on sale this week for $249.99
Standard yield toner CF226A is $114.99 with rated page yield of 3100 pages.
High yield toner CF226X is $196.99 with rated page yield of 9000 pages.
High Yield Toner cost per page ($196.99/9000) = $0.022 per page
QRR cost per page ($99.99/9000) = $0.011 per page

The cost per page difference is $0.043 – $0.022 = $0.021

So by getting the HP M426fdw you will spend $70 extra and save $0.021 per page.
Should you? Lets look at the cost per page of the consumables.

$70 divided by $0.021 per page equals 3333 pages or less than one ream of paper.

That means that if you buy the HP HP M426fdw instead of the HP HP M127fn you will need to go through less than one ream of paper to break even.
After that you will start saving two cents per page.

More info:

The HP M127fn is not wireless, the HP M426fdw is.

The HP M127fn does not duplex and the HP M426fdw will automatically duplex.

The HP M127fn has a top speed of 21 pages per minute, the HP M426fdw has a top speed of 21-30 pages per minute.

There is no specification on how long it takes to get to that top speed.

The HP M127fn will hold 250 sheets in the main tray, the HP M426fdw holds 250 sheets.

Cost per page is based on 5% coverage.

If you have question or need help deciding on what machine to buy, give us a call.

Quinn’s Rapid Recharger  760-724-0157

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