Specifications & Pricing For Canon 105 Cartridge





Original Manufacturer: Canon

Cartridge: 105

Recharged Toner Cartridge Price: $

Price For Original Canon Cartridge $199.99

This Toner Cartridge Is For Canon

imageCLASS MF7280, imageCLASS MF7460, imageCLASS MF7470, imageCLASS MF7480

Quinns Rapid Recharger offer both
the Original Canon Cartridge and a Recharged Cartridge
Cartridge Yield:
10,000 Pages at 5 Percent coverage

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Delivery is free. There are no minimums.


  1. GOOD: If you are out of toner we get to you as quick as possible
  2. BETTER: Call us when you put in your last toner. We will put you on our delivery schedule.
  3. BEST: Ask for our "Never Order Toner Ever" program. You tell us what you want to have on hand, we stop by and keep you supplied with toner.



Even our packaging is designed to be ecological, economical, and easy to use Tape less Boxes Reusable, Easy to Open, You don't need scissors or knives to open our boxes No Cartridge Seal Internal cartridge seals require splitting or warping a cartridge to insert a seal. Since we hand deliver in San Diego county most of our product does not need a seal Bags are sealed with a label. You don't need scissors or brute force to open our bag.


While we take the greatest care in building our cartridges, we warranty our cartridges for the life of our cartridge. We have a recurring product and we want to keep our customers happy.

Recharging Process

All of our cartridges undergo this process

  • Inspect Cartridge
  • Test print cartridge
  • Weigh cartridge.
  • Separate cartridge halves, if applicable. Weigh each side of cartridge. (This tells us what percent of cartridge that was used)
  • Remove old toner.
  • Replace critical components as needed:
  • Add toner designed for that cartridge. Amount of toner used is to match stated yield.
  • Reassemble cartridge.
  • Test print cartridge.

Approximately 80% of the toner cartridge can be kept out of landfills with recharging.


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